Workbench — an on-line business management platform, where
social collaboration meets
enterprise resource planning

➤ Unlock the potential of your team with Workbench "Always on the Job!"©, where knowledge improves through simplicity. Bluedog's on-line platform empowers individuals both within and outside your organization to seamlessly collaborate, share, and manage their tasks and projects from anywhere, at any time. Harness the collective intelligence of your team by consolidating valuable data in a unified repository.

➤ Efficiently oversee projects, coordinate with team members, manage documents, and track tasks, all while fostering a collaborative environment. With a sleek Web 2.0 interface and a robust enterprise-grade architecture tailored to the needs of government contractors, professional service providers, and knowledge workers, Workbench is accessible from any internet-connected device, be it a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

➤ Bluedog's "ERP-Lite" platform, Workbench, is always at your service, connecting social collaboration seamlessly with automated business processes. Experience the future of work with Workbench "Always on the Job!"©

Easy-to-Use Modern Features.

Experience a range of modern, easy-to-use features all in one place. Gain access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), proposal and project management, workflow, notifications, calendar, document/content management, and sharing - all seamlessly integrated into one secure web-based platform. Create, assign, and manage numerous activities as needed, assigning tasks to either yourself or others. Our platform provides a comprehensive project workflow from conception and review to final delivery and completion. Effortlessly share content and documents within your team or project, and let Workbench automatically organize and file them for quick retrieval. Whether you are uploading updated documents or revising content, Workbench takes care of version history for you.

Collaborate to Expand Market Share.

The power of collaboration drives innovation in products and services. Foster a collaborative culture that enhances your potential to secure more projects and broaden your reach. Consider the disadvantages of not working together: ineffective searches, limited access to historical or institutional data, formatting issues, constant revisions, and overall inconsistencies in work. With Workbench, stay updated in real-time on project or proposal statuses, meeting schedules, decisions, and team activities. Elevate your output with a united team effort.

Benefit from Secure Sharing.

As a feature-rich social collaboration platform, threaded discussions are easily traceable. Workbench account administrators can personalize the user interface to match their preferences, adjusting application appearance and specific areas like data fields. Additionally, several business process features can be activated or deactivated. Our platform employs metadata tagging to enhance the searchability and organization of your data, ensuring your ideas are well-structured and easy to find.

How Do We Achieve This?

Bluedog has developed a cloud-based solution designed to streamline content access and sharing among coworkers and teams across multiple devices, regardless of location. Operating on a software-as-a-service model, we store your data in secure enterprise data centers. User management is simplified through role-based privileges that you assign. The creators of Workbench acknowledge the significance of privacy and security, ensuring compliance with U.S. and E.U. regulations. We host in world-class data centers and employ 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest, along with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for data in transit. We also offer advanced security options - feel free to contact us for more information.

Sign Up for Workbench "Always on the Job!"

Workbench is accessible via any standard browser over a secure internet connection. Sign up for the "free" version with no credit card required and no contract. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Payments are processed through PayPal or ACH. Please note: Workbench is currently available by invitation only.


FREE always

  • One Administrator
  • One User
  • One Proposal
  • One Project
  • Support Forums and Docs
  • No Credit Card Needed


$49.99 Per User Per Month, five-user minimum, annual agreement

  • One Administrator
  • Customize User Roles
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Proposals
  • Email (4-hour response) and On-line Support 24/7
  • No Contract
  • Customize Branding
  • Weekly Backups, Export Data Manually


$3,999.99 Per Month, Annual Agreement

  • Multiple Administrators
  • Up to 50 users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Proposals
  • Telephone, Email (1-hour response) and 24/7 On-line Support
  • Annual Contract Discount
  • Customize Branding
  • Use Your Own Active Directory or LDAP for Users
  • Use Your Own Email Domain
  • Daily+ Weekly Backups, On- and Off-Site, Export Data Automatically

Dedicated Instance

$49,999.99 Annually

  • Multiple Administrators
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Proposals
  • Telephone, Email (1-hour response) and 24/7 On-line Support
  • Customize Branding
  • Use Your Own Active Directory or LDAP for Users
  • Use Your Own Email and Domain
  • Daily, Weekly Backups, On- and Off-Site, Export Your Data Automatically

Learn the Details.

Learn More About Workbench.

Looking for an awesome and reliable web-based solution to your organization's collaboration needs? Check out Workbench. How is the app architected? What can I do with Workbench? What else is "under the hood" of this enterprise-grade solution? Get details in this brochure.

Take a Peek Under the Hood!

Workbench provides you with your own portal/intranet featuring Collaboration, Notifications, Workflow, and Content Management. Your team can accomplish more with less effort and cost. Setting up is simple using our user-friendly web interface. Individuals can create user profiles from scratch or import existing information from social media sites. You're free to import and export your data, customize the platform with your logo, and link it to your preferred email and authentication methods.

What People Are Saying.

  • Keeping my team up-to-date with shared calendar and workspace is invaluable. And having all my company's documents stored in the cloud just makes sense. Improved turn-around on proposals means less work for everyone, and a better chance to win.

    - Small Business Owner
  • With on-line project and task management, I am able to stay on top of multiple complex assignments. I can locate the digital assets I need, anytime, and track issues that crop up.

    - Project Manager

Stay In Touch During Stealth Mode!

During our "Stealth Mode," please request an invitation to Workbench "Always on the Job!" by signing up here. Also, our team of developers, technologists and subject matter experts frequently have tips, tools, and ideas to share.

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